YOUR Home in the Metaverse

A place you can call Home.
Display your NFTs
earn $RENT

The first House/Land collection on Cronos backed with tons of Utilities.
Discover our Homes and what you will be able to accomplish with them!

CRO Homes Companions

100 CRO

Four kind of Homes

Feel free to choose the one that fits you best.


Small House

1800 in total


Medium House

1075 in total


Large House

425 in total



33 in total

What you can do with your CRO Homes

Earn Passive Income

Every CRO Home generates $RENT Token daily.
You can consider yourself a
Meta Real Estate Investor!

Own the first Land NFT on Cronos

We are the first Land/Home NFT on the Cronos Blockchain.
And we are proud of that.

Show off your NFTs

Each CRO Home has a number of "Frames" where you can display your NFTs.
Think of it like your Personal Art Museum.

AR Support

You will be able to see your CRO Home in the real world.
With the power of Augmented Reality, and using our Mobile App,
it will always be with you!

Earn $RENT

Stake your CRO Homes and earn $RENT.

$RENT is a CRC20 Token used as Utility for the CRO Homes collection.
You will be eable to earn $RENT Daily just by staking your Homes.
In the future, there will be more ways for Home Owners to earn $RENT other than Staking.

You will be able to use $RENT to:
– Unlock “Frames” inside your Home to display your NFTs
– “Rent” properties from someone else
– Mint future Collections from the CRO Homes Ecosystem
– Much more!


Phase 1 - The Beginning (COMPLETED):

  • Community and Social Presence building. Lots of Giveaways!
  • Whitelist & Presale Allocation to active community members
  • Mint of CRO Homes is Live on our website!
  • CRO Homes Collection is sold out!

Phase 2 - Rent:

  • Every CRO Home comes with a FREE Owner’s Keys NFT corresponding to the rarity of your Homes.
  • Owner’s Keys will be able to be stake for additional $RENT.
  • You can start Staking your CRO Homes. Every CRO Homes will start generating $RENT based on the Rarity of it.
  • First Companion Collection NFT DROP mintable with both $RENT & CRO.

Phase 3 - Show Off:

  • You will be able to Upload and Frame your NFT and Cronos NFT inside your CRO Homes.
  • You will be able to see your CRO Home insides using a 3D Explorer on our Dashboard. You can also share that with a friend to show off your NFTs!
  • Soon after, we will release the Mobile App for iOS and Android that will let you “Port into Reality” your CRO Home using AR.
    (Note that older phones might have less rendering accuracy with Augmented Reality).
  • Like with the 3D Explorer, you will be able to make a Custom URL linked to your CRO Home that your Friends will be able to use to see your Homes in AR too!

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